The Celestinian Forgiveness

Opening of the Holy Door

The Holy Door of the Basilica of Santa Maria di Collemaggio – the most important moment of the Forgiveness celebration as it marks the beginning of the annual indulgence granted by Pope Celestine V in 1294 – is opened on the evening of 28 August by a Cardinal invited by the Church of L’Aquila.

From that moment, for a day (until 29 August, when at dusk the Holy Door is closed), those “sincerely confessed and repented” will gain the plenary indulgence as provided in the Bull of Forgiveness by Pope Celestine V in 1294.

The Archdiocese of L’Aquila has detailed that the gaining of indulgences, either for oneself or on behalf of a deceased loved one, requires:

  1. Visiting the basilica from Vespers on Aug. 28 to sunset on Aug. 29, recite the Creed, the Lord’s Prayer and a prayer for the Holy Father’s Intentions;
  2. Receiving the Sacramental Confession and the Holy Communion (within 8 days before or after the day the indulgence is sought).

Celestine V and the Holy Door

The Bull of Forgiveness, its history, the celebrations, and the places of the Celestinian Pardon from its origins to today.

L'Aquila: its history and culture

Culture, history, nature, and traditions. Itineraries, the iconic sites clustered around the historic city centre and its surroundings.

Pope Francis in L'Aquila

Pope Francis will visit L'Aquila on 28 August for the occasion of the Celestinian Pardon

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