The Celestinian Forgiveness

The Historical Parade of the Celestinian Bull

On 28 August of each year, a long and participated parade winds through the central streets of the city, from the Palazzo del Magistrato, now known as the Palazzo di Margherita d’Austria, seat of the Town Hall until 6 April 2009, to solemnly escort the Bull of the papal indulgency up to the parvis of the Basilica of Collemaggio. The meaning of the ecumenic message of the Holy Father is particularly strong.

The precious document is carried by the Lady of the Bull, accompanied by the Mayor, Pierluigi Biondi, by the Young Lord, by the Lady of the Cross, by the medieval banner, and by the Carabinieri officials in full dress uniform. The civil, religious, and military authorities will await the arrival of the Bull on the parvis of the Basilica of Collemaggio.

The carriage of the Bull starts from the Church of Cristo Re, passes through viale di Collemaggio to finally reach the Basilica.

Once in front of the Basilica, the papal Bull is solemnly read and consigned symbolically to the Church of L’Aquila. The rite of opening and crossing the Holy Door starts by knocking three times at the Door of the Basilica with an olive branch.

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